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  • Other People’s Shoes

    So, I’m going to talk about something I shockingly haven’t really talked about here yet. LARP! Or immersive things! If you’re like “hey Echo y’all are cool and amazing and pretty sexy and all but I don’t know what that is!” Well… I’m going to blatantly copy someone: Live Action Roleplaying is a mix of […]

  • A Thousand Faces

    Recently, I’ve been feeling my identity become more fluid. Just to be clear, I’m genderqueer and non-binary, not moving towards any binary identities. However, in thinking about how to explain my gender I’ve started to figure out that it wildly varies within the vast universe of “other”. Another thing I’ve been pondering is how to […]

  • Fabulous and Femme

    I identify as a femme. It’s perhaps a strange thing to identify as, given I’m neither a woman nor a lesbian (and yes, one doesn’t require the other). I’m not going to talk about what femme is. That’s been covered by many other people, far more knowledgeable than I. I’ll put some resources at the […]

  • Fine.

    Fine is the suckiest wordit never tells the truth Andrea Gibson, Panic Button Collector When I was a depressed teenager, my mom always asked how my day was. “Fine,” I’d say. It was never fine. And it still isn’t. I’m never just good, or okay, or alright. This is not because I can’t be, but […]

  • Death and Literature

    Death and Literature

    I’m surrounded by ghosts. It feels a bit hyperbolic, but also it’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been reading A Gentrification of the Mind by Sarah Schulman, and it’s been hitting hard. I’m only a generation or two after the trauma of the 1980s, and as I learn more about my city’s queer past […]

  • The Queer and the City

    The Queer and the City

    I was reading Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg recently, and a passage stuck out to me: This particular relation between the queer/trans body and the city is strangely resonant […] We, the emotionally starved; we, who have been thrown from the void, who have turned to the city when there was nowhere else. […]

  • WordPress Setup on the Cheap

    Hi there! Been a hot minute. I just finished setting up moving over Sinking Ship Creations to their new WordPress site, away from Wix. The move was a bit bumpy, though mostly in the approvals department. Some scattered thoughts that may or may not be useful to folks looking to do the same: Resist the […]

  • Hello world!

    I think it’s fitting to keep this title when I automatically delete it in most cases. For those not in the know, “hello world” is what WordPress generates for every fresh installation of a site. So: Hello, world! You’re an awfully strange place, aren’t you? But I suppose I’m an awfully strange person, so we […]