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  • Ode to the Person Staring

    Ode to the Person Staring

    When you look,What do you see?Do you think I’m cute,Or strange,Or intimidating?Should I consider myselfFortunateThat you don’t speak?Am I a thingTo fear?To possess?To hurt?To love? I have seen youIn all countriesAll bodiesWearing so many facesThat you all seem the same Eyes without wordsWithout meaningExcept those I hearIn my mind’s eye

  • Stories in Silence

    Stories in Silence

    Okay, so visiting one of the topics I thought of before: wordless storytelling games. I’ve played a few of these with little or no speaking, and every time they leave a lasting impression on me, so I’d like to explore that a little bit. For context: when I mean a storytelling game I mean what’s…

  • Responsibility


    I feel like I have a lot of responsibilities nowadays. Rather, I feel like I have new responsibilities. I’ve always had to deal with work, taking care of my cat, my body (hydrate or diedrate!). But nowadays, I have more going on. Sure, there’s the element of representation; I’m trans, and I need to think…

  • Blankness

    Hey there! I’m going to keep this short, as I’ve been dealing with a lot of things both in the world and my brain, so topics for a blog entry have been eluding me. I guess you could say this is writer’s block. Odd, really, it’s often fairly simple to write about things in my…

  • Reflections on the Dreaming

    Reflections on the Dreaming

    This past weekend I travelled to Atlantic City to experience Changeling: Waking Dreams. The event is based on Changeling: the Dreaming by White Wolf, a game about fae beings trying to survive, trapped in human hosts in the mundane world. A confession: I’ve never played nor even read Dreaming. I’ve heard friends say many good…

  • Uncomfortable Feelings

    Uncomfortable Feelings

    CW: Judaism negativity, childhood trauma, ancestry, organized religion, mental health, Holocaust mention So first, a disclaimer: I am speaking entirely about myself and my own feelings here. This post is not intended to reflect anyone else’s relationship with Judaism or other religions. Okay, so. Background. I grew up Orthodox Jewish, which is a very intense…

  • Walking in New Shoes

    Walking in New Shoes

    Hi there! It’s been a while. Confession: after the last post I haven’t really had a lot of energy for writing. I just felt I didn’t have a lot to talk about, which was really a mask for my depression to pull me down. I’m not sure I’m better now, but I’m certainly a bit…

  • Visibility & Empowerment

    Visibility & Empowerment

    Today is Trans Day of Visibility. One year ago, I was in a bunk bed in Denmark, lonely and exhausted, and I posted something briefly to Facebook about being trans before passing out. I woke up to huge amount of support (mostly), and felt really good about myself. My exposure was empowering. Before that moment,…

  • Spirals and Wells

    CW: Mental health, depression. I suffer from depression. It’s not a fun experience, let me assure you. I’m not really going to go into what depression is, since I assume you, random Internet person, vaguely know about it, assuming you don’t have it yourself. It’s awful. So often I find myself looking to do something…

  • Books n’ Things

    Books n’ Things

    So I’ve mentioned a lot in the way of books. I actually have started reading a lot since I came out as queer, looking to discover more of my new heritage and history. I haven’t really come up with any major discoveries or anything, though I’ve found some really good thoughts. I’ve explored areas touching…