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  • Face Time

    Face Time

    So in case y’all didn’t realize, I am a transgender femme. I don’t identify with binary identities, but my body dysphoria tends to align with the experience of trans women so I seek medical procedures similar to them. Recently, I had FFS, which is an acronym for facial feminization surgery. It was my first surgery,…

  • Brave


    CW: trans violence, racism, medical transphobia

  • Storms


    I’ve been reading a lot of philosophy lately. Well. I’ve been watching a lot of it… on YouTube. Regardless, I’ve been thinking a lot. About community. About society. About identity. About oppression. Most of us crave to belong to a community. And many of us do, to this peculiar monolith we call “society.” I call it a…

  • Ode to the Person Staring

    Ode to the Person Staring

    When you look,What do you see?Do you think I’m cute,Or strange,Or intimidating?Should I consider myselfFortunateThat you don’t speak?Am I a thingTo fear?To possess?To hurt?To love? I have seen youIn all countriesAll bodiesWearing so many facesThat you all seem the same Eyes without wordsWithout meaningExcept those I hearIn my mind’s eye

  • Walking in New Shoes

    Walking in New Shoes

    Hi there! It’s been a while. Confession: after the last post I haven’t really had a lot of energy for writing. I just felt I didn’t have a lot to talk about, which was really a mask for my depression to pull me down. I’m not sure I’m better now, but I’m certainly a bit…

  • Visibility & Empowerment

    Visibility & Empowerment

    Today is Trans Day of Visibility. One year ago, I was in a bunk bed in Denmark, lonely and exhausted, and I posted something briefly to Facebook about being trans before passing out. I woke up to huge amount of support (mostly), and felt really good about myself. My exposure was empowering. Before that moment,…