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  • Hopes and Dreams

    Hopes and Dreams

    Virgo season is upon us, and with it my mind has turned to what could be. I’ve been talking to friends about hopes and what I want for the future. The future is an interesting topic. We don’t really have one, not really. Or rather, we have something, but it’s shrouded in fears and confusion. […]

  • Didn’t Mean It

    Didn’t Mean It

    “Hey, I hope you know I didn’t mean it.” Well gee, thanks. I’m tired. Tired of hearing the same refrain when people screw up. Tired of having to reassure people that no, of course it’s okay, no I’m fine. “Look, he’s not familiar with this stuff, he’s not a bad guy.” Are they ever? One […]

  • Femme Glamour

    Femme Glamour

    I’m currently reading the book Becoming Dangerous, an anthology about witchcraft and femmes. There’s a few entries there exploring the intersection of femme aesthetic and magick1, whether the armour of lipstick or the power of color. This resonates a lot with me. I previously discussed a bit about how I feel about my femme identity, […]

  • Responsibility


    I feel like I have a lot of responsibilities nowadays. Rather, I feel like I have new responsibilities. I’ve always had to deal with work, taking care of my cat, my body (hydrate or diedrate!). But nowadays, I have more going on. Sure, there’s the element of representation; I’m trans, and I need to think […]

  • Blankness

    Hey there! I’m going to keep this short, as I’ve been dealing with a lot of things both in the world and my brain, so topics for a blog entry have been eluding me. I guess you could say this is writer’s block. Odd, really, it’s often fairly simple to write about things in my […]

  • Reflections on the Dreaming

    Reflections on the Dreaming

    This past weekend I travelled to Atlantic City to experience Changeling: Waking Dreams. The event is based on Changeling: the Dreaming by White Wolf, a game about fae beings trying to survive, trapped in human hosts in the mundane world. A confession: I’ve never played nor even read Dreaming. I’ve heard friends say many good […]

  • Walking in New Shoes

    Walking in New Shoes

    Hi there! It’s been a while. Confession: after the last post I haven’t really had a lot of energy for writing. I just felt I didn’t have a lot to talk about, which was really a mask for my depression to pull me down. I’m not sure I’m better now, but I’m certainly a bit […]

  • Visibility & Empowerment

    Visibility & Empowerment

    Today is Trans Day of Visibility. One year ago, I was in a bunk bed in Denmark, lonely and exhausted, and I posted something briefly to Facebook about being trans before passing out. I woke up to huge amount of support (mostly), and felt really good about myself. My exposure was empowering. Before that moment, […]

  • Spirals and Wells

    CW: Mental health, depression. I suffer from depression. It’s not a fun experience, let me assure you. I’m not really going to go into what depression is, since I assume you, random Internet person, vaguely know about it, assuming you don’t have it yourself. It’s awful. So often I find myself looking to do something […]

  • Other People’s Shoes

    So, I’m going to talk about something I shockingly haven’t really talked about here yet. LARP! Or immersive things! If you’re like “hey Echo y’all are cool and amazing and pretty sexy and all but I don’t know what that is!” Well… I’m going to blatantly copy someone: Live Action Roleplaying is a mix of […]