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  • Wild Wild World

    Wild Wild World

    Hi folks! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since my last post I’ve been dealing with my mental health and just *gestures at world*. Right now I’m recovering from surgery, which is hopefully my last! It’s bizarre to think my transition is “done”. I use the quotes there as I firmly believe transitioning is a […]

  • Storms


    I’ve been reading a lot of philosophy lately. Well. I’ve been watching a lot of it… on YouTube. Regardless, I’ve been thinking a lot. About community. About society. About identity. About oppression. Most of us crave to belong to a community. And many of us do, to this peculiar monolith we call “society.” I call it a […]

  • Stay Safe!

    Stay Safe!

    I hear people say something a lot when I mention I’m going to a protest: “stay safe!” That’s always felt off every time I hear it, despite recognizing the concerned intent there. I think the events today have helped me understand why. Let’s be clear: I am not going to be safe. I don’t want […]

  • Binaries


    I’ve been thinking for a while about binaries. Yes, gender binaries plays into that of course, but I think there’s so many others that we don’t talk about. As an example, I’d like to think about polyamory vs monogamy. I won’t dwell on the definitions here as I’m going to assume my audience is already […]

  • Generations


    I’ve been thinking a lot about generational differences lately, and the differing viewpoints within the LGBTQIA+ communities from various eras. It’s really easy to judge our queer forebears for their beliefs or actions in today’s world. Too easy, honestly. Perhaps it’s just me. I am, for good or bad, a fairly judgmental person. However, I […]

  • A New Year

    This blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Cold has been affecting me pretty strongly, and I’ve been getting the Hermit card quite a bit. But perhaps it’s time to ramble about some things again. I hope to channel my energy this coming year into more things. I see so much to be done, and […]

  • Secrets, Arcs, and Tone

    Secrets, Arcs, and Tone

    So I’m writing this sitting at Metatopia, a game design convention in New Jersey. I see friends and interesting people everywhere, and I have a semi-packed schedule exploring new games and helping designers bring their works to life. I also recently played the game Event Horizon: Summit the previous weekend, and have the game Scapegoat […]

  • Finding a Home

    Finding a Home

    It’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve gotten brought into a strange (but good!) tech world at Automattic, and had some alone time to feel out parts of myself. I’ve talked a lot here about community, spaces, and loneliness. These feel like aspects of a fundamental void in my life, and one that is shared […]

  • Mental Health Awareness Day

    CW: Depression, self harm thoughts, institutionalization, trauma I suffer from severe chronic depression. It’s something I’ve had since early childhood, and I struggle with to this day and probably will till the day I die. In childhood I had some really bad episodes, and have been institutionalized twice, the first time for at least a […]

  • Living / Surviving

    Earlier this month, I lost my job. I’m not going to go into what happened, but it’s been a very eye-opening experience. I’ve normally left companies entirely of my own volition before, and that wasn’t the case this time. But I’m not really here to talk about that, I want to explore some of my […]