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Hi folks! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since my last post I’ve been dealing with my mental health and just *gestures at world*.

Right now I’m recovering from surgery, which is hopefully my last! It’s bizarre to think my transition is “done”. I use the quotes there as I firmly believe transitioning is a journey, not a destination. But at least dysphoria will fade, and I’ll get used to just… being a person.

My therapist said to me that worrying about medical stuff was essentially another full time job. And while it wasn’t that bad, it was still a Lot. Now I’ll have to find something else to focus my energy on. Not sure what. Maybe writing!

One thing that I’ve been dreaming of with friends lately is creating a home with chosen family. I love my roomies and all, but I’ve never lived with someone who I was super close to, let alone a partner.

Like it or not, I’m getting older, and the world feels less stable every year. I don’t know if in the end I’ll even stay in this country?

I think that’s a big part of being a millenial though. We were told of a future by our parents, and that future is a lie. We don’t get to buy homes, have the white picket fence and all that. So how does my story go?

Really no idea, which is both scary and empowering.

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