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So I haven’t written here in a while. Chalk it up to my intense depression and lack of motivation. This post won’t be very insightful or filled with meanings. I’m mostly just trying to get back into the practice of writing.

While I write this COVID-19 sweeps the globe. Here in NYC, things are grim at best. I’ve been pretty much stuck inside, and that means I’ve been doing something I don’t usually do: watch TV!

Here are some of the shows I’ve seen recently with thoughts on them:

Good Trouble

I really like this show. It’s cute, quirky, and tells the story of a bunch of weirdos in a commune who are vaguely trying to do good while they live their lives.

It’s less queer than I’d like, to be fair. The straight storylines are honestly kind of a bore, and the two main sisters can be remarkably self-centered at times. Though they are something like 22?

Still, there are some utterly beautiful moments. I burned through the two seasons with varying levels of attention and enjoyed the heck out of it!

Fort Salem

I so wanted to love this show. Lesbian main character, alternative history, woman-centered story, magic…

Sigh. It’s kind of a mess. The plot is confusing, the characters can sometimes be utterly dull, and I really don’t understand what’s going on.

I’ll probably keep an eye out for this in the future, but not too strongly.

Take My Wife

In complete contrast, Take My Wife was the lesbian drama of my dreams. I actually started watching it because Rhea appeared in Good Trouble as a bad(ish?) person, and I wanted to see an alternate version.

I will say that my watching of this show was tinged by sadness. The main characters, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, play themselves getting married as they did in real life. However, in real life, they got divorced a few years after the show ended.

Still, it was well worth the watch and set me giggling with how ridiculous it was regularly.

What We Do in the Shadows

This is not a new show for me, but it’s one I forgot was having a second season. There’s also no real queer representation that I can think of off the top of my head. But still? Totally worth it for the Staten Island vampires.

The Bold Type

A pretty cute show! I think the first season was by far the best, and they really screwed up the later season’s queer plotlines, in my opinion.

I’m honestly unsure if I’m going to bother watching newer episodes. Maybe if I’m bored? Still, I would recommend the first season for a fun time.

The Bisexual

I am really uncertain what to make of this show. It had some exciting moments, and was so enmeshed in queer themes and ideas while also telling its own story. I appreciate that!

But… I couldn’t really get into it. It only had one season, but I found myself zoning out during quite a few episodes. I struggle even now to remember much about it.

The L Word: Generation Q

A successor to a titan in lesbian media. I came to the series without having seen the original in a clean start.

Overall? It was fun, cute, and I am so on the Sinley ship. But the previous characters didn’t really grab me, especially Bette. That whole plotline was utterly dull to me without any context. Also, the trans guy plotline was sigh, and the thing where Nomi Marks plays a cis woman just frustrates me.

I will say, though: it was really refreshing to watch a soap opera world where every lady is queer, cis men are rarely seen. The show operates with a bone-deep understanding of queer culture from assimilationist to radical. I love that!

One Day at a Time

I would die for Elena. Is that hyperbole? Literally yes.

This show is adorable as heck, is hyper-self aware, and feminist as fuck. I love it to bits and will watch it when it comes back and possibly rewatch before then. It’s that damn good.

On that note, I will find something else to watch. I think Orphan Black beckons for another try…

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