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Hello world!

I think it’s fitting to keep this title when I automatically delete it in most cases. For those not in the know, “hello world” is what WordPress generates for every fresh installation of a site.

So: Hello, world! You’re an awfully strange place, aren’t you? But I suppose I’m an awfully strange person, so we may get along.

I wrote a few basics about who I am elsewhere, but that is so general. Here and now, I’m a creature in transition. I don’t quite know where I’m ending up, but I really do enjoy the journey so far. Most of it, anyway. I’ve made some recent steps to really change things up, and I have been enjoying them so far.

My name is fairly new. A month old, perhaps? Echo was suggested by a dear friend, and it resonated immediately (sound pun!). I like the idea that they reflect but also change everything given to them, creating something subtly new. I feel that way about many communities I am part of nowadays, never the center but always reflecting things back as best I can.

There’s also the myth, of course. Zeus is an example of the patriarchy if there ever was one. Asshole.

Anyway. My goal for 2019 is to post here reasonably frequently, maybe once a week? I don’t have any particular ideas in mind, but I think it’d be good to write about things that are out there a bit more. I’ve been journaling for quite some time now, and this isn’t that different I suppose. I did intentionally disable comments on this site, as this space isn’t for discourse. It’s for me, and the world can take it or leave it.

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